If That's His Pizza, I'm Icy Whatever


Here is a great post about all this gamer gate crap.  You know things are getting too heated when your non-gamer friends are texting you asking wtf is all this shit and could I please explain it.

My lady J.A. Dawson has some really good points in her article and I agree with almost everything she says.  This is not a gamer problem, they are just the group that happen to be the loudest at this moment in time.  It's a problem with PEOPLE.  Helloo, gamers are people too, they don't just play games 24/7 (maybe) they exist in the real world and go to work (maybe) and they probably have a spouse (barf) and kids (shudder).  People threaten people all the time, sad but true, and the internet allows all the trolls and assholes and what have yous to hide behind the anonymity the internet provides to them (all those tubes are tough to navigate, it's like a forest).

In conclusion, I'm pretty well done with all of this shit. I'm not pro Gamer Gate or anti Gamer Gate because at this point who even knows what the hell any of those labels and titles even mean so, I abstain. I think I'll just be me. Unless I can be Queen of the Universe, that is a title I can understand and get behind.