Stuff is Happening!

Things are happening! I'm currently winding down my Super Secret Audiobook project.  It took two months of dedication and hard work (and also I learned how to be an audio engineer, how absurd) and soon it will be available for purchase.  Yes! A thing I created will be available for PURCHASE! And you people better buy this book and listen to all my goddamn hard work or else. Or else!

So in advance, big thanks to Julie Ann Dawson, my lovely, wonderful, dedicated author who has been a complete joy to work with over the past few weeks.  She is also a BIG NERD and plays SWTOR (sadly not on my server, but it still counts) and understood when I felt the need to decorate my stronghold instead of edit.

She said she had some major writer's block about the sequel to this book.  All I can hope is that the passion I brought to this project helps to fuel hers.  So, in short, this one's for you Jules.