Giving Up Is Not A Thing I Do

Once during a conversation with a dear friend I said "I have to do X, I don't have a choice" and he said to me "There is always a choice".

It's funny how something like that sticks with you.  I recently joined a group of people to help them fight the good fight (you know, For the Horde! or whatever) and try to win at something.  One day into this, they posted a note saying they had decided to give up and try again at another time.

It really threw me for a loop, that. This thing wasn't even anything serious or life-altering, it was just a game.  Even in a game, however, giving up and admitting defeat is not my thing.  Oh yes, I can get frustrated and angry and throw my headset and then need a break for a month or so (it's hard out there for a Sage), but it is very rare that I actively give up. 

So I guess what I'm saying is, never settle, always fight. When life gives you lemons, throw them on the ground and tell life to go fuck itself for thinking you were going to make it some goddamn lemonade and then go on about your business.