I'm back baby!

Had an absolute blast on vacation!  I do love what I do, but it's nice when we get to see family (especially our niece and nephew) and I can morph out of my "Serious Hard Working Actor" self and step into "Aunt Stina" mode.  My husband and I always fear that the kids won't remember us etc etc, but nope!  I walked in the door and was immediately greeted by a chorus of "Look at this game I got last week" and "I got a haircut and my ears pierced and Nana said tomorrow we could blow bubbles and go on the boat and swim and I got a new doll and do you like my dress isn't it pretty will you sit with me?!"

Lake Gaston is beautiful in the summer and the water was 85-89 degrees the entire time we were there.  Perfect swimming temperature for me since I hate to be cold.  Got to kick ass at Jenga, Cranium, and of course Cards Against Humanity.  We had to send the kids upstairs for Cards Against Humanity, the next morning our nephew says to us "Nana was laughing A LOT last night, what were you guys doing?"

For the record, Nana kicked all our asses at Cards Against Humanity.