Feeling alive again

I'm not even sure at this point how long it has been since I went on an audition.  I think the last and final one was for Narnia the Musical.  My dear RTP family did cast me in a role that I almost immediately had to drop out of to take care of my mom.  I have no regrets about that though, zero! 

It's hard after an almost three year hiatus to get back into this, but here I sit and there's that same feeling again of excitement and anticipation.  I actually like auditions (I know, I am a sick, sad person but just bear with me).  I like to study new sides and bring life to new characters, I like to go into a bare room with four other people and show them who I am.  I always have the most fun I can have while I'm in that room because why not?  Who says I can't?  For me this life is taking my job utterly and completely seriously while having the maximum amount of fun.

If I'm lucky I'll get some good feedback to use for next time.  And by the way, there will always be a next time.