It's Been Awhile

I know I know, but I have had some excitementy-type things happening.  I hopefully have a callback for a super secret pilot show, go me.  I need to be a She-Ra Man-Hater (and possibly start a club called that) which will be super easy for me because I will just think of the millions of male internet trolls and let the rage and snark consume me.

My father is visiting our humble abode this week!  He is having a blast, I think we could just ride around on the Subway for a few hours and he would be amused.  Sometimes he just likes to look at things.

Last night we ate out and after waiting 30 minutes for strawberry filled crepes I was given a plate of sad, flaccid, thin, pancakes covered in chocolate syrup with whipped cream.  Not only were they not what was described on the menu, they were cold.  Also, gross. Super gross. 

The good news is, my husband has a job up here now and as of Sunday he has moved all his stuff in and is here to stay with me forever.  Or until one of us dies.  Or both! But to quote Captain Leela "I plan to do as little dying as possible."