Okay, This Has To Stop

Once upon a time, when I had only started to graduate from my Final Fantasy RPG's on my SNES to more action-packed PC games, it was suggested to me that I pick up Star Craft. At the time I was dating someone who played with his friends, etc etc.  Apparently instead of teaching me the game he far preferred to just watch me lose and then tell me what I should have done (this is why I do not play Starcraft currently, sorry Blizzard, I just can't).  What an asshole! Glad he's gone forever. 

Anyway, besides that there is one thing that I will never ever forget about that game that he said to me and it is this:

"I don't think you should play Zerg, they are gross and I don't think girls should play with them."

WHAT?!  Oh hindsight, why couldn't you make my stupid teenaged self listen to that statement with my real ears (instead of my crazy ears) and realize then and there that I was in a stupid relationship with a verbally abusive pretentious, condescending asshole!  Well, thanks for nothing!

I was reminded of this last night as I played SWTOR.  On the last fight in one of the flashpoints, the boss will force choke the entire group and single out one person to fight him one on one.  Once he had picked a person, one of the guys in my group quipped "Oh of course, he would pick the only girl".

WHAT?!  First of all, I was in the flashpoint too and I'm a girl, so, what the fuck dude?!  Second, all the rest of what was wrong with that statement.  I assume he said that because he has some kind of chivalrous attitude toward women blah blah, but this is fucking SWTOR.  I carry around a lightsaber and have more skill buttons than I could ever possibly press in one fight.  I tank on my Guardian, I kick people in the nuts on my Smuggler, I choke a bitch on my Sith Warrior, and if you displease Darth Dreya Keiran of the Dark Council she will kill you with lightning.

The point is, I can take care of myself, thank you very much and I do not need people looking out for me or trying to protect me because they perceive me to be of the weaker sex in real life or in a damn game.

Allow me to channel Michelle Pfieffer here when I say,

You make it so easy, don't you? Always waiting for some Batman to save you. I am Catwoman, hear me roar!