Dragon Age Inquisition According To My Sister

My sister is one of my absolute most favorite people.  She's incredibly smart and she's fierce and motivated.  She kills it at her job (http://www.kassatex.com/) on a daily basis and she's fabulous.  She watched me play a significant bit of DA:I and some of her character insights are too hilarious to not list here so here we go.

Josephine:  "Who's that lady? Ruffles? Go see what Ruffles has to say, her sleeves are serious."

Sera (upon asking if I should romance Sera):  "No way, friend-zone only. That one is like your friend who's a train wreck but if you take her to parties you'll always have a good time."

Cullen (upon asking if I should romance Cullen): "I think.....he is the best of what you have available to you...I'm not sold on those feathers though." Then she made this face:  o.O

Iron Bull: "Now see, why don't you go have sex with that one?  Look at those horns, yeeeaaaah."

My Inquisitor (when Cullen is trying to put the moves on me at Skyhold) "I think that if he can love you in that outfit you should go for it.  I don't think you are going to do better."