Every Tuesday night we go do bar trivia.  Sometimes we do really well and we win free beer! Sometimes the questions are all about major league baseball stats from 1937 and we are completely boned. Sometimes the only Star Wars question they have EVER asked is about the prequels (disappointing,but I still rocked it, BOOM!)  And sometimes...people cheat.

A stupid thing to get up in arms about I know, but what a comment on society and people these days.  Myself, my husband, my sister, and her boyfriend go down to the bar to enjoy a pitcher of beer and see what factoids we can write down a tiny piece of paper below our witty team name.  A good time is being had by all! Then, my sister points out that the people sitting across from us (with a team name that is so creative I can't write it here for fear of violating copyright laws-- okay I give in, it was "Two chicks, one dick" and I'll let you guess what the male/female ratio of the team was) are using Google, Wikipedia and (I still can't figure this one out) Pintrest to try and discern answers.  Way to put a pin in our fun you dirty cheaters!

Here's the best part though--- THEY STILL LOST.  We finished 3rd with 109 points.  They had 72.  Way to be scum of the earth and also so incompetent that you are unable to use Google successfully.  I'd tell you to have some integrity but you probably

1. Don't know what that word means

2. Can't even look it up because you fail at the internet

Keep the change, ya filthy animal.