Why Do You Lie, Lie-er?

The title of this blog post is perhaps one of my favorite quotes from the US version of The Office, because I hate lies. 

I watch a little show every week called Downton Abbey (you might have heard of it, everyone talks in accents and drinks tea with Maggie Smith) and in this last season so much heartache, sadness, and suffering could have easily been avoided if everyone just stopped lying to everyone else.  Often times I would shake my head, look over at my sister and say "WTF, lies upon LIES, these people!"

If my life were a TV show it would be terrible because I make it a habit to not lie to people and lying makes for juicy plot lines and character development.  Or maybe it would quickly gain a cult following of people who enjoy watching me perform VO in my bedroom and then play video games while providing color commentary (Don't you worry Li-Li-- Dreya Shepard is coming to help you out girl!)

Regardless of what we do on stage, in the business of acting lying is career suicide.  I am confident when I submit myself for auditions that the casting directors are going to be pleased when I show up to an audition because I actually look like my headshot.  Sometimes I wonder at the auditions I do manage to book.  I often sit at my computer and think "Okay, but they DO know that I am only 5 feet tall and curvier than most because that's all in my resume, right?"

Here is a secret about most casting directors: THEY HAVE EYES (and also brains but don't tell them i said that)!  Don't send CDs a resume that says you are 5'10 and the perfect Giselle Bundchen look-alike they are looking for when you are actually 5'5 and look like Galifianakis.  

I will leave you with the following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2uwjN6v93c