I've Said It Before, I'll Say It Again

The other day I read an article about how the show The Powerpuff Girls was going to be remade...with none of the original voice actors. Here are some comments that people made about this story from Uproxx that made me angry that I will now discuss them using "real world" analogies because people can't seem to understand that voice acting is a professional career that some people happen to work very hard at.

"I guess she’ll just have to stick with voicing only 100 other characters :(."

How would you feel if you worked as a contractor for a company for seven years and you did great work for them during those years.  In fact, you are a contracting professional! You know everything there is to know about the contracting! When the jobs ends, you part on good terms with the company and you ask them to give you a call if they ever need your contracting services again.  A few years later you discover that you were passed over for the latest contracting job in favor of a different employee with no experience in the field whatsoever.  Why would they do that?! Most of what you have in this business is clients who come back to you because you did great work.  To be passed over in this fashion is not only confusing, it's just rude.

"Her and Cree Summer have pretty much had a monopoly on female cartoon characters (and some male for Cree) since like 1990."

Yup, these two people are the only voices of female cartoon characters ever. Please, allow me:  Nancy Cartwright, Jennifer Hale, Kath Soucie, Grey DeLisle, Lauren Tom, Pamela Adlon, Ashley Johnson, Claudia Black, Tress MacNeille, Nika Futterman, Christine Cavanaugh, Candi Milo, and so on and so forth. That's like saying McDonald's has had a monopoly on fast food since 1940 and surely no other fast food chains could EVER exist.

"I’d love to have a shot at voicing even ONE cartoon character, but it seems like the industry is mostly monopolized."

First of all, this entire article is about how a company didn't hire 3 established voice over actors for their new cartoon in favor of 3 completely unknown actors who have never done voice over before.  This comment also enforces the idea that one can just wake up one day and say "Well, I really love cartoons/video games/shitting on monkeys, I think I'll make that my new career!" and they then go out into the world and don't actually do hard work, they just bitch and moan that the "industry is too monopolized".  No one at the zoo is just going to let you in the monkey cage and say "well, here are the monkeys, go to town." If you want to shit on monkeys, you have to get that degree in Zoology and then some training, practice, maybe even a coach or agent (they start you off with stuffed monkeys, it's a whole program). THEN maybe they will let you in the zoo. Yeah, that's why nobody wants to hire you, the shitting on monkeys industry is all full up.

"This bitch is overrated…"

False. She's one of the best in the business and she worked very hard for many years to get there. She has every right to voice her opinion about something that happened to her at work that is crappy. If that is the only comment you could think of I have to question your intelligence because that statement is far from prolific and it adds nothing meaningful to society.