I Had That Dream Again

You know, the ones you have over and over like all your teeth falling out or you're running somewhere and you don't seem to be getting anywhere? That kind of stuff.  

Since I'm an actor, obviously I have the one where I'm on in 5 minutes but I have no idea what show I'm even doing and I don't know any of the lines. It seems now that's translated to VO, because the other night I had one in which I went to a showcase to impress some agents (as I will be doing IRL on September 1st) and I had some kind of incredibly jacked up resume, no head shot, and when I went to sign in the agent said "Awww, look how timid she is!"

Well, as soon as she said THAT my dream self stopped and took a step back and said "Wait just a goddamn minute here, this can't be real because all this bullshit that's happening right now is nothing I would ever do!"  I managed to wake myself up by convincing myself that nothing happening at that moment could be real because it's inconceivable that I wouldn't be prepared properly for an audition.

I can't even be unprepared in my dreams-- that's a good thing, right?