This is a sample from a set of educational videos I narrated about exploring career options. These videos were produced by CEV Multimedia.

CEV Multimedia is the leading multimedia producer of educational materials for Career & Technical Education (i.e., Business & Marketing, Family & Consumer Sciences, Career Exploration, Agricultural Science, Trade & Industry and Health Science).  CEV specializes in providing quality curriculum and educational resources for both secondary and post-secondary institutions. CEV has a division, iCEV, which will place our entire curriculum online.

Infusion 2016 Recruiting Video #whydowecode             

Clever Instant Login 2016 - Video by LessFilms                      

John Carroll University Experience Projects Introduction Video

ACU of Texas - Service Under One Roof

I completed this short animation film last month & I'm proud to say it won 2 awards at the Campus MovieFest: Best Sound Editing and Best Film!

Produced & animated by Jessica Dotson,based on the original webcomic by Samantha Dow. Music by Steve Shimchick, background art by Eelle MichalkaJasmin Lai.

Haunted Hotel 7: Death Sentence (as Delilah)

Really the best part is the guy narrating the walkthrough in this video. He upstages me.