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Cristina Petrarca

Last summer Cristina decided to pack her bags, throw her furniture, husband, & two cats into a Uhaul (she let them ride up front) & moved to New York City. Having braved super snowstorms in winter, massive curb puddles in the spring, and the 100 degree summer weather, Cristina is still in the city & her voice over career is gaining speed.   

With over 10 years of stage experience and a B.F.A. in acting, Cristina brings a lot more than just her voice into the booth, she brings her sparkling sassy attitude & sometimes her cat (but only when she's in her home studio).  She can provide reads that range from serious to playful, sarcastic to upbeat, and corporate to blue collar. Check out her professional demo, directed by Ed Lewis of Shut Up & Talk (who was disappointed the demo session only took 45 minutes, he usually likes more time to really get tough on people) & produced by Hyperbolic Audio.

Her NYC location provides her with easy access to some of the top recording studios in the US if the need arises. She recently completed her 2nd full-length audiobook for author Julie Ann Dawson. Not only did she record over 25 unique character voices for the project, she also provided full post-production editing and sound mixing.

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